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It is the summer of 1948. Jeremy, a nine-year-old boy spends his summer holidays on the nearby embankment of the Taj River with his only friend from the neighborhood, Claudia. Entering deep into the grove during the Sunday prayer, two children began to notice a strange smell nearby. When they discovered a dirty white sheet, they found the corpse of a dead girl. From that moment on, their lives changed completely. After night fell, a shaken Jeremy went to bed. Filled with impressions, he began to understand the depth of the evil that had happened. He sank into deep prayer and received a special gift from God. He dreamed of the last days of the dead girl Lynda Ann Lenz and watched the events through her eyes. In that dream, he met the people surrounding Lynda and finally saw the real murderer. When clues lead the detectives in the wrong direction, causing the police to arrest an innocent man, Jeremy is the only one who can uncover the real murderer, but who will believe in his miraculous story?

The novel The Years of Lions goes beyond the limits of crime novels and deals with the eternal theme of the struggle between good and evil. The main characters are children who, in their innocence, very skillfully understand issues that are incomprehensible to adults. This is an allegorical review of contemporary society and the world around us, in which there is always hope for the lost individual.


Matija Ploh

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